Wilshire Boulevard Temple is honored to have the Annenberg Foundation as part of the Audrey Irmas Pavilion. Wallis Annenberg embraced the opportunity to be part of the Audrey Irmas Pavilion in the early stages of construction, with the permanent home of Wallis Annenberg GenSpace. GenSpace is a modern, innovative space for older adults that focuses on wellness, connectivity, creativity, and lifelong learning. In addition to GenSpace, this floor features a unique outdoor garden, named in honor of Erika J Glazer. A portion of the garden will be used in GenSpace’s horticultural therapy program. Some of the plants based around the Dragon Tree are Fan Aloe, Blue Glow Agave, Hen & Chicks, Queen Victoria Agave, Painted Lady and Sahara Echeveria. The Garden is defined by its blue glazing and blue concrete.

The Wallis Annenberg GenSpace is a fresh, age-inclusive community space that offers wellness, connection, and lifelearning through innovative programs, partnerships, and a new national dialogue. Located on Level 3, GenSpace is vibrant, modern, and age-friendly with green spaces and a diversity of programming and services. Since June 2021, GenSpace has been open and available with online and distanced classes and programs at In person classes and programs will begin in Spring 2022 when GenSpace opens its doors to the public.

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GenSpace features a truly age-friendly environment—barrier-free, safe, and comfortable—that invites participants to take ownership of the space. GenSpace’s interior is the result of extensive collaboration with one of the country’s leading age-inclusive architects, Susi Stadler of Stadler &. This ensures that GenSpace—as well as its furniture and amenities—is fully supportive of older adults.

GenSpace’s programs and classes are designed for the way people are aging in the 21st century across diverse communities. Los Angeles has the largest concentration of older people in the United States and the most diverse population of that demographic. As part of extensive research and networking, Annenberg funded focus groups across race/ethnicity and preferred spoken language to seek the thoughts of the aging population around community spaces. Using a purposeful aging framework, the study of the groups captured diverse older adults’ perspectives on future goals, perceptions of aging, attitudes about senior centers, and experience with technology.

Research findings indicate that senior centers must re-envision their programs to appeal to today’s increasingly older and more diverse older adults. As a result of research, GenSpace will also focus on intergenerational programming. For more information about Wallis Annenberg GenSpace, please visit We look forward to welcoming you!